It is a small thing, but you are doing it for something BIG!

21 years old university student Elly from Sydney has recently posted her photo for “Shopping without Plastic Bags” challenge on Facebook. Elly has never though that plastic bag waste can become a serious issue, but now she’s ready to make her contribution to our society and environment. We are glad that Elly can accept an interview, and share her experiences with the world.

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Bring Your bag, Bring the future.


While the Shopping Without Plastic Bags challenge is continuing on the social media, more and more people shared their experiences of shopping without plastic bags. Most people comment that shopping without plastic bags is great way to decrease the use of plastic bags, but some people also comment that bring your own bags is like a daily practice, the key is to get yourself slowly used to it, and form that habit. For this challenge, any types of shopping count, no big or small! The purpose of this challenge is to get you physically engage the issue of plastic overused, and share with the world your way of protecting our city and environment! Let’s have a look some of the best participants in a week.

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When Monet meets Sydney.

As the most populous city in Australia and Oceania, Sydney is showing the world as an unique city with the rich culture diversity and the stunning nature landscape. In this blog, you are going to see a series of pictures that combining the present photographs with famous impressionist oil paintings and bring you to a historical and impressional side of Sydney.

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Although we know plastic pollution is extremely bad for our environment, we just can’t stop using them right away. If you also happen to have a plastic bag full of plastic bags at your home, you may also guilty as charged. However, the questions are “how should we deal with the bag of plastic bags”, “how should we avoid using anymore plastic bags?” Here are some solutions for you to make the bad bag to good.

How to Recycle Old Plastic Bags

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You simply need to know the truth.

This video is for Goodbye Plastic Bags campaign use.

The data in this video comes from the reports published by the Cleaning-up Australia and the Government of South Australia.

For more information please visit

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It’s your turn! Take the SHOPPING WITHOUT PLASTIC BAGS challenge!

After Goodbye Plastic Bag introduced the new social media challenge, “shopping without plastic bags” a week ago, there were many people willing to join and take the challenge. The challenge is aimed to build people awareness of plastic bags addiction and plastic waste. Let’s have look some awesome posts here!

First, A big applause for yourself for making a great contribution to the world!

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Funny Reusable Bags. Man-Friendly Reusable Bags

Some people may think “its hideous to carry a huge ugly reusable bag to shop”, but the fact is, bringing your own bag to shop is a very delightful thing. You can not only protect the environment through using less plastic bags, but also show you lifestyle and personality to the public.

In recent years, the reusable bags are leading the fashion trends. Designers have added many elements to the normal reusable bags and make them alive, and the reusable bags are becoming more and more popular because of the sense of humor, the sense of love, the sense of fashion and the sense of unique identity. Let’s have look some very interesting reusable bags.

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Pushing the supermarket trolleys home? the alternative methods of using plastic bags

Due to the fact that the plastic bag pollution is getting worse, and they are not only damaging on our environment but also affecting on our health, many countries and regions have banned the single-use bags or disposable plastic bags. Under the plastic bag ban, the retailers can no longer give their customers free plastic bags. Although the acts didn’t force consumers to not to use any plastic bags, it has been working in term of increasing public awareness of plastic waste.

However, often it’s not the problem that we don’t want to help the environment, it just hard to carry a reusable bag when the plastic bags are so cheap and convenient. What should we do to change this habit? Let’s have a look what other people are doing to avoid using plastic bags.
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Shopping in the supermarket with a style! -fashionable reusable bags

As an alternative to plastic bags, reusable shopping bags are gradually becoming popular in everyday life. Carrying a reusable bag not only represents your attitude of sustainable environment, but also shows your unique lifestyle. Because of the encouragement of reusable shopping bags by governments and supermarkets, reusable shopping bags have become one of the new fashion trends.

Usually the reusable shopping bags are available for sale in supermarkets and apparel shops. More and more though, many businesses start to focus on reusable bags rather and single-used bags. There are different kinds of reusable bags divided by materials and functions. In the last blog we have briefly went through some reusable fabric, such as canvas, woven synthetic fibers, or a thick plastic that is more durable than disposable plastic bags, allowing multiple use. In this blog, we will look at some functional and more stylish reusable bags.

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Take The Challenge and Make A Difference!

Plastic bags waste is damaging our city and environment, and it has caused many serious issues such as animal death, water pollution and global warming.

Plastic shopping bags waste is the most common plastic waste in our daily life. It’s time to make difference, and it’s time to say GOODBYE to the Plastic Shopping Bags!

Get involved in the “shopping without plastic bag” challenge!

Take a photo of you shopping without plastic shopping bags and upload to Facebo­ok, Twitter or Instagram with #goodbyeplasticbag for the chance to win a designer hand-drawing bag!

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