Love the life with no plastic bag

Since our dear friend Mr. Plastic Bag is always being there for us, I understand that sometime it could be hard to let him go. However, while you are walking on the street, still holding hand with Mr. Plastic Bag, have you ever thought about what the life would be without him? In this blog, I would like to show you why we should say goodbye to plastic shopping bags.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been looking around Sydney, taking photos of this amazing city when there were no distractions from the plastic bags. If you follow us on Instagram, here are a couple of things that you’ll be able to see!

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Love Life with No Plastic. #Sydney #Uni

I took this photo in a sunny afternoon at the University of New South Wales,Sydney. Thanks for the cleaners and the fence, there was no one piece of plastic in the playground. There was no game on that day and I have truly enjoyed a moment of relax and quite.

Blue Mountain

Nice and quite inside the Blue Mountain,  you can feel the nature in many senses.

on the road!

We are on the road again! Love the cool and refreshing breeze!Surprisingly we barely saw any plastic bag litter in this trip.

Peaceful Life with No Plastic. #water #sydney #australia #beach
Peaceful Life with No Plastic. #water #sydney #australia #beach

Here is the beautiful sunset at Botany Bay, Sydney. The water was so clean that can perfectly reflect the sky and the sunshine. Apparently that the office of environment and heritage has been taking good cares of the Sydney’s beaches. As matter of facts, there are also many non-government organisations that organising various programs to protect the beaches from the pollution.

Botanic Gardens

I took this photo at Botanic Gardens, Sydney. There is nothing better than laying across the big grass bed!

Impressive Life with No Plastic.
Impressive Life with No Plastic.

I took this photo at the ANZAC War Memorial, Hyde Park, Sydney. At the time there were many fallen leaves in the pool , but they all look naturally harmonic.

instagram plastic waste

It is not difficult to find some beautiful places in sydney, however, when I walk around in the neighborhood, the plastic bag litters weren’t hard to find.

instagram llwnpb lawn

We don’t want to see plastic bags are all over the lawn and birds are finding food from the litters. It is time to find the real beauty of our city, let’s collaborate to create a clean and beautiful Sydney!

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