The benefits of using reusable bags

Plastic pollution is a serious environmental pollution in our country. The plastic litter can be seen in many public places, especially in the city area. Not only the process of manufacturing the plastic bags might cause environmental damage such as emitting green house gases, but the process for recycling plastic bags can also cause serious pollution such as contaminating ground water.

Why should we use reusable bags but plastic bags? I have summarised the harms of using plastic bags and the benefits of reusable bags.

The 5 major harms of using plastic bags:

(1) Causing plastic pollution.

(2) Causing air pollution from burning the plastic rubbish.

(3) Contaminating the soil and ground water.

(4) Causing animal deaths, especially the marine animals。

(5) The plastic material cannot be reused.

plastic bag
The flying plastic bag

The 6 benefits of using reusable bags:

(1) Significantly reducing the use of plastic bags.

(2) Reusable bags are recyclable, which means they can be used for many times.

(3) The bags can be easily thrown over your shoulder, convenient and stylish.

(4) Reusable bags are normally cheap but have good quality.

(5) Reusable bags can hold a lot of things, such as fresh food, book and clothing.

(6) Reusable bags can be reused.

The reusable bags generally refer to the materials that are naturally degradable, and the degradation is relatively short. The common materials of reusable bags are:

  • Traditional cotton and organic cotton.
  • Nylon, a synthetic polymer originally made to replace silk in fabrics.
  • Paper bag.
  • Nonwoven polypropylene, a flexible resin polymer.
  • Jute, a natural plant fiber.

Generally, those fabrics are far more environmentally friendly than the alternative: single use paper or plastic bags. So, choose the right bag for your needs, and for our environment!

Plastic rubbish at the Wollongong beach, south sydney
Plastic rubbish at the Wollongong beach, south sydney

We don’t like to see the leaves and plastic bags fly with the cool wind in autumn every year. But we do like the blue sky, the clear water, the fresh air and the beautiful flowers. Thus we all need to protect the environment, to share some love to our beautiful city and make it a better place to live!


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