It’s your turn! Take the SHOPPING WITHOUT PLASTIC BAGS challenge!

After Goodbye Plastic Bag introduced the new social media challenge, “shopping without plastic bags” a week ago, there were many people willing to join and take the challenge. The challenge is aimed to build people awareness of plastic bags addiction and plastic waste. Let’s have look some awesome posts here!

First, A big applause for yourself for making a great contribution to the world!


College students from Sydney, Australia @fera.heng posted her “shopping with No Bags” photo on Instagram. It looks amazing! She also commented:

“Really in love with the idea of shopping without plastic bags!”

Johnny Meng
Johnny Meng

21 years of age Johnny Meng posted his photo on Facebook. Keeping the goods in the trunk of your car was an awesome idea! Thanks for

“doing this for the earth”!

Dr. Brigid Costello
Dr. Brigid Costello

Dr. Brigid Costello from University of New South Wales, Australia shows us her favorite reusable bags on Facebook.

“The reasons I’m using the reusable bag because is big, functional and very quite, “said Brigid,“the plastic bags are so noisy.”

Renee Xie
Renee Xie

Last but not least, the post was made by university student Renee Xie‎. Renee has posted a photo of her shopping with reusable bags and also commented,

“bringing a reusable shopping bag with me is a simple and easy way to reduce my use of plastic bags.”

Thank you all for taking the challenge, and now it’s your turn!

challenge process
challenge process

Take a photo of you shopping without plastic shopping bags and upload to Facebo­ok, Twitter or Instagram with #goodbyeplasticbag for the chance to win a designer hand-drawing bag!

Time to say goodbye to plastic bags, make our city a better place!


3 thoughts on “It’s your turn! Take the SHOPPING WITHOUT PLASTIC BAGS challenge!

  1. Wow this is amazing! Good on these individuals for contributing to the eradication of plastic bags. This is something I have to work on myself, as I usually just go for the self serve checkout and their plentiful supply of plastic bags. Thanks for the great reminder by you and these people!

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