You simply need to know the truth.

This video is for Goodbye Plastic Bags campaign use.

The data in this video comes from the reports published by the Cleaning-up Australia and the Government of South Australia.

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In our home land Australia, nearly 10 million new plastic bags are used every day. Australians dispose of an estimated 4 billion plastic bags, and estimated 20,700 tonnes end up as litter each year.

Plastics are made from non-renewable natural resources such as crude oil, gas and coal. And when gas, oil and coal are used to produce plastic bags, they emit dangerous greenhouse gases. Large amounts of plastic end up in landfill, also a significant source of greenhouse gases.

Plastic bags will never be recycled even they are reused as bin bags, the plastics bags are still filling our already limited landfill space.

Plastic bags can become serial killers. Every year over 6 million tonnes of rubbish is dumped into the world’s oceans, 80% of which is plastic, and a further 10% of this being plastic bags. Turtles, whales and sea birds mistake rubbish for food or get entangled in it, once a bag is ingested, the animal dies and decomposes, resulting in painful injuries, or even death. With an estimated 46,000 pieces for every square mile of ocean, plastic is responsible for killing 1 million sea birds and over 100,000 sea mammals each year.

Every year, littered plastic shopping bags are cost governments, businesses and community groups over 4million dollars to clean up.

Bringing your own reusable shopping bags can significantly decrease the amount of plastic bags use.

It’s Time to say goodbye to the plastic shopping bags. Together, we can make our city a better place.

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