Bring Your bag, Bring the future.


While the Shopping Without Plastic Bags challenge is continuing on the social media, more and more people shared their experiences of shopping without plastic bags. Most people comment that shopping without plastic bags is great way to decrease the use of plastic bags, but some people also comment that bring your own bags is like a daily practice, the key is to get yourself slowly used to it, and form that habit. For this challenge, any types of shopping count, no big or small! The purpose of this challenge is to get you physically engage the issue of plastic overused, and share with the world your way of protecting our city and environment! Let’s have a look some of the best participants in a week.

Selestina Gunadjaja
Selestina Gunadjaja

International students Selestina Gunadjaja who currently living in Sydney did her grocery today plastic-free! It is awesome to have such a good habit! Bring your own reusable shopping bags can significantly decrease amount of plastic bags use. When we still have choices, please choose to use reusable shopping bags!

Stephanie Lara
Stephanie Lara

University students Stephanie Lara‎ had a

Successful day of grocery shopping!

Congratulations for not use plastic shopping bags! The nonwoven polypropylene shopping bag is a common type of reusable shopping bag, it’s normally used for grocery shopping.

Leyden Shu
Leyden Shu

Thank you Leyden for posting your challenge photo on Facebook from UK!

For shopping without plastic bags challenge, this is my new favorite reusable bag!

The material of the shopping bag you were using is known as nylon, a synthetic polymer originally made to replace silk in fabrics.


Only a bottle of water,I dunt need any plastic bags

said Jeffrey Wang, 21 years old college student.

You don’t need a bag for something small, it’s a big deal!

It’s your turn to get involved and make your contribution to our city!

see last week’s participants:

more about the challenge:


2 thoughts on “Bring Your bag, Bring the future.

  1. Oh my god, it is so simple to use your own bag, it really annoys me that people find it so hard. And when yo go through the express check out and buy a few things and they give you several plastic bags (if you don’t have a reusable) WHYYY


    1. It’s going to take a while for people to get used to bring their own bags, but we should try to stop using plastic shopping bags. It is not just government’s actions to ban the plastic bags, but more like how we want to do it. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


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