It is a small thing, but you are doing it for something BIG!

21 years old university student Elly from Sydney has recently posted her photo for “Shopping without Plastic Bags” challenge on Facebook. Elly has never though that plastic bag waste can become a serious issue, but now she’s ready to make her contribution to our society and environment. We are glad that Elly can accept an interview, and share her experiences with the world.

elly takes the Shopping without Plastic Bags challenge
Elly Chi takes the Shopping without Plastic Bags challenge

I usually take them and I will use them as garbage bags at home as well, otherwise I have to spend extra on purchasing garbage bags,

said Elly, in honesty. As most of us do, Elly usually takes the free plastic shopping bags from supermarket or grocery shop and use them as rubbish bags. It sounds reasonable but plastic bags can never be recycled even they are used as  rubbish bags. In fact, there are still many people do not think plastic bags waste is a serious issue.

 I wasn’t aware of this issue before I read you blogs about how serious the problem is, and how the animals are affected by the plastic pollution.

It is therefore we want more people to get involved in this campaign, and we want to build their awareness, and understanding of the plastic bags waste as a serious environmental problem.

I will prepare a reusable in my bag and use it when I go to supermarkets or grocery shops.

said Elly,

I think it is good to always put a reusable bag in our own bags as you never know when you will need them. And in this way, we can reduce our daily use of plastic bags.

The NSW government hasn’t banned the plastic bags, Elly though:

it is better to charge customers for plastic bags when they shopping in supermarkets such as Coles or Woolworth. However, I don’t think that the prohibition of plastic bag is a good idea as this may cause inconveniences for consumers.

Indeed, since we are used to plastic bags, it can be difficult to say no to them, but the key is to make your first move. As Elly said to us:

 I realize that I can actually shopping without plastic bags and plastic bags are really not necessary especially when I only buy three or four items.

Shopping without plastic bags maybe a small step for you, but you are doing it for something big. Keep this in mind while you shopping, together, we can make our city a better place!


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